GPS Orbit

GPS tracking systems have transpired as one of the most important technological gadgets on earth today. The main rationale of developing a GPS Time Recording System is to be able to track exact location of an item or a person. GPS products come designed using different design, features, sizes, and prices. GPS systems provide total asset visibility, and as a result costs associated with maintaining certain moveable assets such as vehicles are significantly reduced. Other benefits of deploying a time tracking GPS system includes:

Reduced fleet operation costs 

A GPS system provides valuable business insight into a fleet's activity by revealing important information metrics that can be used to minimize on fuel consumption and overall vehicle maintenance cost. Such savings can be realized by avoiding over speeding because the transport officer can exactly view information pertaining to a vehicles speed. Speeding wastes fuel, and A GPS system is able to tag which specific vehicle is over speeding and from which location the driver is over speeding from before sending text alerts to the vehicle drivers.

Because also idling wastes fuel, GPS Time Recording System can convey real time information about a vehicles idling condition, and by reducing the amount of time spent idling, it becomes possible to cut down on the amount of fuel being wasted through idling. Because routes are optimized, it is also possible to determine wasteful trips, and coupled with the systems scalable routing capabilities it is possible to find the best routes that have less traffic congestion.

Enhanced Productivity

Because the transport officer is able to identify the most efficient routes, fleets can be dispatched accordingly and issues such as traffic jams and bad weather can be avoided. Certain GPS system come with features that automatically re-route fleets without the supervisor picking the phone or sending radio messages to drivers. Because the communication process is automated this implies that communication levels are highly accurate and issues associated with miscommunication or navigation errors are completely a thing of the past.

It is also possible to monitor workforce activity. For instance, a technician's arrival time at a job site and the amount of time spent at that very site directly increase organizational efficiency level and productivity because in a single day more jobs are completed hence the enterprises bottom line correspondingly increases.

Minimized operational expenses

GPS time system minimizes on labor cots because there are no more time sheet disputes. With GPS Time Recording System the company exactly knows when the driver started their shifts, where they are currently available, number of stops on a single day, and the time that certain jobs were completed. This implies that the driver or the messenger cannot falsify mileage claims. When an organization minimizes on its overtime pay, the amount gained can be channeled back to other less profitable areas within the company.

Improved Customer experience

With a GPS time system it is very easy to know the exact location of your vehicle hence responding swiftly to customer related emergencies. This means that in a single day the company can serve more customers with utmost satisfaction.